Vintage flowers

Black vintage flowers

Yes! This year our swimsuits are better than ever! We have switched out ALL of our fabrics to a new 100% recycled nylon. It’s sooo good in so many ways! Not the least that it needs no new raw material to be produced as the plastic that nylon is made of in our swimsuits is from recycled plastics from old carpets, old fishing nets stuck in the sea that have been recovered by the healthy seas initiative and instead of landing on a waste pile they have become this new material. Due to it’s unique new texture it is also TWICE as durable as completely new nylon meaning our swimsuits will last twice as long as regular ones. Can’t get enough of all the good things this fabric does. It’s super in so many ways. We were also able to finally print a excellent quality print with in our very own vintage flower print(remember last years disaster)! Hurray! It is so lovely we printed 3 colour schemes of this gorgeous print. Hope you will love it as much as we do. ????

Black vintage flowers img-2

Pink vintage flowers img-1 Pink vintage flowers img-2 Pink vintage flowers img-3

Burgundy vintage flowers img-1


Burgundy vintage flowers img-2



Burgundy vintage flowers img-3

   Black vintage flowers img-5  Black vintage flowers img-4


Black vintage flowers img-3
Model: Kandi Von Kane
Photo: Moa Petterson
Make up: Kandi Von Kane
Design: Janna Drakeed