Starting from 2016 we use Eco friendly fabrics in our production. They are made of recycled plastics such as fishing nets recovered by the Healthy Seas initiative, pre- and post-consumer waste. These are then 100% regenerated to a new ECONYL® fiber which our swimsuit fabrics are made of. This helps decrease the plastic waste piles as well as not using any new fossils to produce material. Sustainable fashion is something we think is extremely important when fashion is seen as a trend that can be thrown out. Our swimwear are made to last from high quality fabrics and timeless designs.

Fishing nets left in the oceans cause harm to all sea life. Part of the nylon used in our fabrics come from recovered fishing nets, harvested to be recycled.


All our fabrics are OEKO-TEX Standard type II approved. Meaning they are made without harmfull chemicals and are safe to be worn in direct contact to the skin.

Our prints are our own, you will not find them anywhere else. We produce a limited amount each year meaning they might run out and not be re-printed next year. Pre-orders are advised around April to be sure to get the color/print you crave for.

It started with a limited production sewn entirely by Janna in her studio. Janna still does some of the sewing and all of the sampling and designs herself, but with time the brand outgrew the studio and is now partly sewn with the help of a small scale factory in Estonia. The workers of the factory work by good conditions, sweatshop free and with a good salary.

Custom orders
We gladly take on custom orders. By ordering directly through the miss Janna webshop you can per example add a built in bra, request to have the straps in a different way, provide your own fabric or just send a e-mail with your request.