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  • Autumn premieres

    Autumn premieres

    This year we have been busier then ever! Miss Janna has grown and I have been quite busi catching up. Now in the autumn period the theatre jobs are dominating. I did some pieces for Folkteatern for the play “Den goda människan i Sezuan” and I am currently working for Stadsteatern and the upcoming “Gösta […]

  • Peak at the studio and interview

    Peak at the studio and interview

    ADA Sweden that works with design in the Gothenburg region made an interview with me about my work and workingspace. You can read it here (in Swedish). The picture is of my sewing corner. Maybe I’ll get around some time and show you the entire studio.

  • Miss Janna + Popuzar

    Miss Janna + Popuzar

    Hello Sweethearts! Next week we are opening up a very temporary Pop-up store! Super excited about this! We will be located in the middle of Gothenburg at Esperentoplatsen the 18 – 15 July and open 11 am -19 pm. We will be one of two vendors at Popuzar, an effort to open up and make unused […]

  • New prints and fabrics (Aprils newsletter)

    New prints and fabrics (Aprils newsletter)

    I hope you are as excited as I am about our big fabric change! Starting from 2016 we use Eco friendly fabrics in our production. They are made of recycled plastics such as fishing nets recovered by the Healthy Seas initiative, pre- and post-consumer waste. These are then 100% regenerated to a new fiber which […]



    Our kickstarter kampain is on! To be able to switch over entirely to using eco friendly materials we need funds. This due to the fact that we have to order larger then usual quantities of fabric and we simply don’t have that budget, yet. Therefor we have launched this kickstarter campaign where you can pre […]

  • New eco friendly fabric supplier

    New eco friendly fabric supplier

    The whole idea behind the “Miss Janna” brand is to produce swimwear that is sustainable and we are constantly striving to improve our products. Now that the brand has grown we are able to buy larger quantities of fabric and hand pick what fabrics to use. We seek to replace all of our fabrics with […]

  • Killing your darlings

    Killing your darlings

      First of all I am truly sorry for not updating at all. A lot of things happened during the last year and a half. Me leaving my tailoring studies, doing a internship, trying to earn a living, having another baby(!) and trying to grow and run a business at the same time. This is […]

  • New photos up

    New photos up

    Just finished uploading the photos from the photo shoot in the gallery under ”OFF TO THE BEACH”. Don’t they look gorgeous or what? 🙂 I really had the best team with me and we were so lucky with the weather being at our side even though we shot at the end of April!

  • Crazy busy!

    Crazy busy!

    Ever since my last day as a tailors apprentice I have been crazy busy. Calculated I had 60 swimsuits to make and 27 bikinis in 4 weeks time, yikes! I also held a photo shoot for the new swimwear colors for this year. Organizing 7 people, having meetings and fittings with everyone before the shoot, […]

  • Family fun

    I had this idea sitting around in the back of my head for a while. A vintage photo shoot of a family going to beach. Of course I wanted it to be my family and hang the pictures on our living room wall. Not all the family liked my swimsuit design but since I said […]