Killing your darlings



First of all I am truly sorry for not updating at all. A lot of things happened during the last year and a half. Me leaving my tailoring studies, doing a internship, trying to earn a living, having another baby(!) and trying to grow and run a business at the same time. This is a one person operation and time was narrowed down. My intentions were to launch a new bikini model and have new prints and colours for the 2015 swimwear. I worked really hard with a factory that was suppose to help me with this. I had done all the hard labour, making a new bikini design, adding another size to the swimwear (XL as I do want to have more sizes) and choosing colours and patterns. We spent months on test sampling, approving, redoing and trying to nail everything down. But the factory did not deliver the quality I demanded and had agreed on and therefore I did not launch anything new this year. I want my customers to be satisfied with what I produce and the overall quality was a disaster without saying to much.
We did however succeed in taking some photos of what the collection sort of was suppose to look like. Here is the result of that. Most of you will probably already have seen them on my other social media pages as I do update them more often.

(Click on the image to get full gallery view)

Multiple and green harlequin - NOT TO BE SOLD Green harlequin - NOT TO BE SOLD

Multiple harlequin - NOT TO BE SOLD JannaDrakeed_FotografMoaPettersson-10

Green harlequin - NOT TO BE SOLD Red harlequin - NOT TO BE SOLD
Photographer : Moa Pettersson
Models: Le Siss, Annika Strömberg
Mua: Desirée Edeskär/Drömteori

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