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Autumn premieres

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This year we have been busier then ever! Miss Janna has grown and I have been quite busi catching up. Now in the autumn period the theatre jobs are dominating. I did some pieces for Folkteatern for the play “Den goda människan i Sezuan” and I am currently working for Stadsteatern and the upcoming “Gösta Berlings saga“. I am working with all the yellow costumes. As always, I am not allowed to show anything from that work before the premiere, so here is some of all the yellow fabric I am working with.

Miss Janna + Popuzar

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Hello Sweethearts!

Next week we are opening up a very temporary Pop-up store! Super excited about this! We will be located in the middle of Gothenburg at Esperentoplatsen the 18 – 15 July and open 11 am -19 pm. We will be one of two vendors at Popuzar, an effort to open up and make unused city spaces more living by inviting new creators to take place in re-made containers to use as Pop-up stores. Next week will be our turn to be featured. The vendors change from week to week to give the city a live and vibrant feel. Come and give us a visit! A full range of our swimwear will be featured + some rare pieces at special prices.
Our Instagram will of course be updated with pictures from the event. You can also check it out here at the Fb event. We will be having competitions where you can win a swimsuit. Since not everyone is able to make it to Gothenburg you can also enter by uploading a inspirational picture with or without our swimwear using the hastag #MissJanna at Instagram. Don’t forget to tag us (@Miss_Janna_d when entering so we can see your entry.

Hope to see you at the event!


New prints and fabrics (Aprils newsletter)

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I hope you are as excited as I am about our big fabric change! Starting from 2016 we use Eco friendly fabrics in our production. They are made of recycled plastics such as fishing nets recovered by the Healthy Seas initiative, pre- and post-consumer waste. These are then 100% regenerated to a new fiber which our swimsuit fabrics are made of. This helps decrease the plastic waste piles as well as not using any new fossils to produce material.
Sustainable fashion is something we think is extremely important when fashion is seen as a trend that can be thrown out. Our swimwear are made to last from high quality fabrics and timeless designs. Due to the unique way the fibers are regenerated they are also twice as durable as other similar fabrics. This means our swimwear will also last longer.

Our new prints have just arrived! We produce a limited amount each year meaning they might run out and not be re-printed next year. Pre-orders are advised and open now to be sure to get the color/print you crave for.

Pssst. Newsletter recipients also got a discount code with aprils newsletter.


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Our kickstarter kampain is on!
To be able to switch over entirely to using eco friendly materials we need funds. This due to the fact that we have to order larger then usual quantities of fabric and we simply don’t have that budget, yet. Therefor we have launched this kickstarter campaign where you can pre order our swimwear, or buy a postcard pack or just simply donate any sum as all sums are most appreciated to be able to be a greener manufacturer. If you choose the swimsuit or bikini as your reward it will be made of 100% recycled nylon. That’s pretty cool!

New eco friendly fabric supplier

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The whole idea behind the “Miss Janna” brand is to produce swimwear that is sustainable and we are constantly striving to improve our products. Now that the brand has grown we are able to buy larger quantities of fabric and hand pick what fabrics to use. We seek to replace all of our fabrics with a modern regenerated fabric consisting of ECONYL® yarn, a 100% regenerated fiber made from pre- and post-consumer waste such as fishing nets recovered by the Healthy Seas initiative.
The ECONYL production allows the fishing nets left in the oceans to be harvested, removed and be converted into something useful. This saves on planetary resources as well as reducing and keeping waste to a minimum. Since we need to buy larger than usual quantities in order to use ECONYL, we need additional funds for fabric and production costs.

This is where you play a major part. We are offering our swimsuits and bikinis to all who pre-order with an upcoming kickstarter campaign to a reduced price. We are also selling out our existing stock at a reduced price at our Tictail store. Together we can make the change needed to kickstart our future.




Killing your darlings

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First of all I am truly sorry for not updating at all. A lot of things happened during the last year and a half. Me leaving my tailoring studies, doing a internship, trying to earn a living, having another baby(!) and trying to grow and run a business at the same time. This is a one person operation and time was narrowed down. My intentions were to launch a new bikini model and have new prints and colours for the 2015 swimwear. I worked really hard with a factory that was suppose to help me with this. I had done all the hard labour, making a new bikini design, adding another size to the swimwear (XL as I do want to have more sizes) and choosing colours and patterns. We spent months on test sampling, approving, redoing and trying to nail everything down. But the factory did not deliver the quality I demanded and had agreed on and therefore I did not launch anything new this year. I want my customers to be satisfied with what I produce and the overall quality was a disaster without saying to much.
We did however succeed in taking some photos of what the collection sort of was suppose to look like. Here is the result of that. Most of you will probably already have seen them on my other social media pages as I do update them more often.

(Click on the image to get full gallery view)

Multiple and green harlequin - NOT TO BE SOLD Green harlequin - NOT TO BE SOLD

Multiple harlequin - NOT TO BE SOLD JannaDrakeed_FotografMoaPettersson-10

Green harlequin - NOT TO BE SOLD Red harlequin - NOT TO BE SOLD
Photographer : Moa Pettersson
Models: Le Siss, Annika Strömberg
Mua: Desirée Edeskär/Drömteori

New photos up

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Just finished uploading the photos from the photo shoot in the gallery under ”OFF TO THE BEACH”. Don’t they look gorgeous or what? :) I really had the best team with me and we were so lucky with the weather being at our side even though we shot at the end of April!

Crazy busy!

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Ever since my last day as a tailors apprentice I have been crazy busy.
Calculated I had 60 swimsuits to make and 27 bikinis in 4 weeks time, yikes!
I also held a photo shoot for the new swimwear colors for this year. Organizing 7 people, having meetings and fittings with everyone before the shoot, finding props, scouting locations and getting permission from the beach all takes some time. But I had a fantastic team and all turned out great!

Now I need to get the swimwear that will be sold in stores done. I was going to get help from a factory but for some reason they decided not to do the bikini tops they were supposed to and has after sending me 6m of too little fabric not been heard from. So I’m doing the best I can with what I have. 50 swimsuits done, 27 bikinis almost cut and somewhat stared on I have 7 days left now. Wish me luck!

Family fun

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I had this idea sitting around in the back of my head for a while. A vintage photo shoot of a family going to beach. Of course I wanted it to be my family and hang the pictures on our living room wall.
Not all the family liked my swimsuit design but since I said so Robert wore his swimsuit anyway with mixed enthusiasm. The pictures really capture us well as a family, me trying to be serious, Robert not being able to be serious and Julia in the mix between doing her thing.
The hard thing will be to decide which of all the pictures to choose from to be put on the wall. I have more hilarious pictures from this shoot not making it out on the internet.

These pictures are not retouched at all as that would take me forever. All were taken by our friend Johanna Karic. Thank you! <3